July 15 2012, Motorcycling will things ever be the same again?

Although motor cycle accidents are always at the back of my mind, I thought that 42 years of riding perhaps my husband had the skills and sense to overcome possible major accidents.

Not the case, that day in July just as I prepared to have a cooking session in the kitchen the phone rang. ” Are you sitting down” the familiar voice of Kens friend asked.

“he’s come off the bike” I remarked “yep” replied Andy my immediate thoughts were that both ken and the bike would need picking up “so where are you” I asked.

“I’ll ask the police where they are airlifting him to” was the response I wasn’t expecting… I felt both sick and panicked at the same time ” Wrexham ” came the reply.

For what seemed like hours I tried to identify the hospital and directions, it wasn’t hours it was just minutes. Then can the headless chicken routine of trying to think of what he would need.

Shortly after the hospital rang, and a lovely sister there brought me up to date with some info and I said I’m on my way.

2 hours of driving, trying to keep focused on the road, with loads of bikers heading home after their run to Wales. My hubby was not going to be one of them today.


I’m so proud of my hubby, he’s an Olympia and a “robo” dad. Against all odds he’s fought to start to walk again and it’s only been 4 weeks. Everyone said it would be months. 🙂

And I must thank the staff at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, they are brilliant.


8 responses to “July 15 2012, Motorcycling will things ever be the same again?

  1. He looks like a determined guy. I wish him luck. I hope heis getting better quickly.
    Thank you for sharing your story it helps me, as my husband is going through a bit of a rough ride himself right now.

    • He is determined, two operations and 8 months later and we are waiting for another op he still is wants to be out on his motorcycle?

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