Past skills revisited

This year is turning out to be so different from what I have envisaged, it is soul destroying watching my husband suffer, and almost mind numbing stuck in “ground hog day” of caring for him, cooking washing bed baths responding to the calls when he’s dropped something or needs something.

I still have a long way to go before they are “good” but they are helping me to keep focus and not fall into a depressed hole.So to counteract this I have started to crochet, this gives something to my granddaughter when she comes round,my daughter too seems to like them.

At the moment I have loads of different yarns in the loft, from the days when I used a knitting machine, I am just waiting for some fine crochet steels to come through the post.

This bear, is much improved on my first attempts, crochet angora, brushed up to make it softer

But this isn’t what I really had in mind. I need to get a little more creative.


Feel free to comment :)

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