Needle Felting

Needle felting, revisited

So visiting yet another old craft, the felting needles found, along side some wool roving, I also sourced some new supplies too.


I found it quite satisfying stabbing wool to sculpt these, some were more successful than others.

Some were total failures in relation to the finished product, but not in relation to practice.

The elf was a challenge set by my daughter, got to rise to a challenge haven’t you (heh heh)

He is posable, with a wire armature.

The hedge hogs were a bit of a challenge, sourcing the right fur for the spines. At last I found a kiddies winter hat in the sale, perfect. I will try out some mohair hedgehog fur when I get a bit more practise in.

Winter bear, this needed to be a little different, with the use of some wool top, a cocktail stick and heated straighteners i made some curls, I then decided I would knit an outfit, I had yarn at home, so why not.

Winter Bear

This is more like it, these are looking better, still a way to go yet though. I decided the eyes were key to these really. After spending lots of evenings experimenting with different techniques, I decided that I would source some resin to give me the effect I wanted. Although these are so slow to dry (2 / 3 days)

Winter bear and friend

I have to admit, you can lose yourself working on these, it becomes almost an obsession.

© 2013 Irene Irving


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