Needle Felted, hedgehog

So a little more practice, and here is my yet unnamed hedgehog. He just loves to eat mini toadstools. He is about 4 inches high in a sitting position.



The biggest challenge here was to incorporate the mohair hedgehog fur with the needle felted merino wool.

As I had some mohair 2 ply yarn in my stash, I tunisian crocheted a sack (the colour was ideal for this) to put some needle felted toadstools for him.

Side view

Side view hedgehog

© 2013 Irene Irving


9 responses to “Needle Felted, hedgehog

  1. Wow!!! I love your work! Your hedgehog is amazing! How do you create such amazing spikes? He is gorgeous! Seriously if you could share that information I’d love to know. If you don’t care to I’ll understand but I think your work is amazing.
    Thank you for you kind words about my work and my husband. He is getting better slowly.

    • I have experimented with several fabrics, the granddaughter likes the soft fur on the small hedgehogs (recycled from one of her winter hats) But the spiky realistic fur was from
      Mohair Bear Making supplies
      They do ship world wide. I hope the link works. Its a bit fiddly to work with but cut it on the bias with the spikes running in the direction you want them and you should be OK

  2. Wow! Great site thank you! They have a wonderful assortment of supplies. I was able to look at the shop and I found the mohair fabric for some reason I was unable to register so I could buy some. I’ll try again later it’s probably just a computer glitch. Thank you so much for sharing the information. I really appreciate it.

    • When you register they send you a password via email, check your spam folder it may have ended up in that folder.

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