Party Animal

Here’s party animal, he’s so excited because he’s booked to go to the Zoo Project in Northamptonshire in the summer.

Party Animal

Party Animal

Needle felted merino wool, with threaded joints. He’s weighted with very small glass beads, almost like sand. These are stitched within a small felt pouch and then the body is needle felted around the pouch itself.

The curls were made by winding wool around kebab sticks wetting then drying, with the assistance of a hair iron, once they are dry then needle felted into position.

The horns are made from wire covered with wool and then shaped and stitched into place, I do this before putting the ‘fleece’ into place.

He got his title of party animal because hubby couldn’t decide what sort of animal he was (it was supposed to be a ram) I had already created a sort of balloon, the two just seemed to go together hence “Party Animal”

When working with this I had sourced some super fine merino wool. This was beautiful to work with during the felting process and feels so soft to the touch. It’s so soft it does slip out of your fingers when working small parts.

The down side of this wool however, is the surface its so fine when applying colour,  its difficult to control, and goes places you don’t want it too!

Wrapped wool for curls

© Irene Irving 2013


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