From The Waiting Room

I was told that by blogging, it may help me cope with what is happening in the family at the moment, so forgive me for having a bit of a self indulgent moan.

It has been an uphill struggle over the past 8 months, after my husband was injured in a motor cycle accident.

Hubby and Motorcycle

Hubby and motorcycle before the accident

It breaks my heart to see him so down, and the future at the moment is not looking good we are awaiting another operation to rebuild his leg and hip again. as the first metal work build hasn’t worked . “Robo” dad needs another service, as my children say.

Even though it is getting harder I really need to stay positive to face the next stage which is to have hubby back in hospital for possibly weeks again and all of the issues that come with that situation. The hospital is an hour and a half drive away from home too, which means early mornings and late returns home, and in between pacing or waiting at the hospital for the ward visiting times.

I know that there are people out there who have worse things to cope with and I shouldn’t moan because I still have my precious man, we’ve been together for 42 years and even though sometimes he makes me mad, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Thank goodness for creativity, at the moment it gives me short escapes from the reality of what is really happening. The times when the stress gets to me just taking an hour out to “stab” some merino wool, do some knitting or crochet or even get the polymer clay out and make some miniature bits. These creative focus times help me to blank out the thoughts and feelings that get me down.

At least a bit of needle felting is portable enough to go with me while I wait usually in the coffee shop at the hospital. its a bit of a joke about my “creations from the waiting room” as most of my time is spent ‘waiting’ to respond to hubbies needs, answer calls or taxi service to physiotherapists, doctors and hospital appointments. so the waiting room is also my home, the car, as well as actual official waiting rooms.

Well tomorrows another day, and maybe if I do a bit of needle “stabbing” I can get myself out of this sad mood I’m in today.

Thanks for listening


4 responses to “From The Waiting Room

    • Thank you so much, we will get there in the end, as biking season is about to begin, all he wants is to be back on the road.

  1. I hope your husband makes an amazing recovery and you are back on track real soon. I know how scarey it can be to see your “rock” struggel and hurting. I’m sending you my very best wishes. Keep needle felting, it helps and your work is wonderful.

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