Needle Felted Hedgehogs in a dish?

More stress relief in the form of mini hedgehogs. These little characters are about 2 inches long and 1 inch high. Needle felted merino with mohair spikes and beaded eyes. The colour detail was created with soft pastel.

Mini Needle Felt hedgehogs

Mini Needle Felt hedgehogs

I had started these a while ago but never got round to finishing them and putting them into a setting.

I needed something small to fit in a Dartington glass cupcake dome for my mum. And these characters seem to fit the bill.

So I had some thoughts about how to present them in the glass cupcake dome, which was a bit eccentric for a cupcake but possibly good for needle felt ornaments.

i felted a base to attach them to, garnished with felted mushrooms and fabric leaves, it sort of works.

They seem to sit quite well within the stand, time to put the lid on.

OK , a pair of trapped hedgehogs.

Happy needle felted hedgehogs

Happy hedgehogs

Trapped Needle Felted Hedgehogs

Hey, we’re trapped

© 2013 Irene Irving


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