Snow Cat

Well, it's snowing, again! Oh I wish for some sun, I've decided I'm really solar powered. I've been trying to make some eyes for my characters with resin. Partially successful, but I really need to refine the process.

So to try out a pair, I decided to have a go at a cat. As I've found out, it is going to take some practice to get it right, I've lost cute and got a bit of a mean cat instead, better luck next time I try.

Needle felted Cat

Needle Felted Snow Cat

So here's snow cat, perhaps he can sense my mood at the moment and is fighting back. He's created with needle felted merino wool, his limbs have wire armature. The resin eyes look better once in place, but once I work out further refinements I'm sure I'm on the right track.



© 2013 Irene Irving


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