Panda in the Room

I had ordered some superfine merino wool top it’s so soft and fine and I wondered how it would respond to needle felting, and as the order was for black and white a panda was the first thing to come to mind. So here he is. He is thread jointed so there is a little manoeuvre for posing.

Needle felted panda

Panda just having a rest

Working with the very fine superfine 18.5 Micron 100’s merino wool, felt lovely, however it was very ‘slippy’ with parts of the panda escaping from my work surface on a regular basis.

It will take a little more practice to work with this, I used a 40 gauge triangular needle to try to smooth the surface. I do think that I need to work this some more but it’s getting the balance right, if I work it too much the needle marks become more prominent

I was wondering if I recorded my experiments in more detail almost tutorial like would anyone be interested.

© 2013 Irene Irving


6 responses to “Panda in the Room

    • I will take some pics of my next experiments, and put them on line with a commentary. I don’t know whether they can be really classed as tutorials though. It would be good to find out what people would like to know?

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