Thoughts and Inspiration

There seems to be a growing interest in fibre art, I know that when I studies visual arts years ago, I was always fascinated by the textures and shapes that fibres could have on an art or illustration piece. My tutors however had other ideas. They were purists and had the mind set that you were an embroiderer, illustrator, graphic designer photographer etc and couldn’t seem to grasp the concept that in almost all cases these could be mixed with inspiration coming from all sides. There Ive got that off my chest.

I love technology and old crafts and I have over the years mixed these and explored, their possibilities, within art work, and animation. Currently however I am going right back to basics, its not about philosophy, style, and artistic endeavour or recognition I just love creating little kitsch critters and items my granddaughter loves, It makes my day when I see her face light up and the question is “Is this for me mommars”

Everyone needs a little inspiration and I wondered if everyone has been on Pininterest, watch out though it can steal as much time from you as your crafts if you let it!

Heres a link to my boards if your interested, click on the image.  I did find there are some amazing fibre artists out there, and lots of other crafts enough in fact to fill a life time.



Feel free to comment :)

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