Giraffe needle felted on wire frame

Needle felted giraffe

Needle felted giraffe

So the next challenge, I was requested to make a giraffe. Mm I thought, this could be biting off more than I can chew.

But what the heck, what did I have to loose, a bit of wool top and lots of time.

Getting the basic shape was the biggest challenge. After several false starts, I decided to make a wire frame and work around that.

I’m not the greatest lover of working around wire. It takes so long to begin to get the base started.

Once I had the beginnings of the shape it did become easier to work on this with detail. However if I had worked a little bigger it would have been easier to get more detail into the face and markings.

Needle felt giraffe

Needle felt giraffe

He’s about 5 inches high, from feet to top of head. With beaded eyes, using merino wool top.


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