Variety of wool tops

To cheer me up I topped up my wool stash and ordered some new variety of wool tops, this time I thought I would get some different types to see how they would work with needle felting.

Wary bear

Wary Bear

Keeping a simple bear idea in mind I started some base work.

White Massam wool top, compared to merino this is quite a course hair like wool, and although it needle felts quite well, it still remains hair like which makes it almost impossible to get fine detail on smaller pieces.

White Massam Wool top

White Massam Wool top

White Corriedale wool top, is again a course fibre, and although slightly finer than the white Massam, and can be used as a base, but will again be difficult to create fine detail. This might be good for creating curls as it has a longer fibre length.

White Corriedale  Wool top

White Corriedale Wool top

White Polwarth wool top, this is almost as fine as the merino and gives a good form and the fine detail. I quite enjoyed working with this and gives me another option if I need it.

I had decided I needed a pin, needle cushion for working so these experiments gave me the opportunity to make my bear pin cushion. I continued working with the Polworth wool top to detail the bear who is about an 1 1/2 inches long, I didn’t want to put too much detail work in considering its use. I couldn’t resist putting a “what you doing” expression on it though. Named “wary” bear because who wouldn’t be wary if you were surrounded by stabbing needles and pins!

White Polwarth Wool top

White Polwarth Wool top

Wary Bear pin cushion

Wary Bear pin cushion

© 2013 Irene Irving


2 responses to “Variety of wool tops

    • This was the first time i had experimented with different types of wool, i do like the Polwarth wool top, I will be getting some more of that.

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