Starting Again…

So here I am sitting waiting, watching all the poor souls with crutches and slings sitting around waiting to see doctors and surgeons, I'm hoping some miracle will happen that the x rays would show that Kens leg would have started to heal and he doesn't have to have that operation done again. I know that hope is in vain, I just can't bear the thought of him going through it all again, starting from scratch. I'm not looking forward to the possible weeks of visiting and the fight for everything, but that's what you have to do these days.

Well reality strikes, and hubby goes in for his op next week to replace all of the metal work and the nightmare starts again. At least this time we are sort of prepared, I just hope that everyone in Staffordshire stays safe, no major accidents or traumas please, then they will not have to cancel day after day like his last op.

I have to be strong, and put all negative thoughts out of my head, but sometimes it's hard to do. It's going to be living through the day of the accident all over again, but I know its coming, perhaps it won't be quite so bad, at least we won't need the air ambulance this time.

I know we have our great kids to keep us going, and I know my granddaughter will bring a smile to my face whenever she's about, it's amazing how much strength she gives just through a smile and a hug.


My beautiful granddaughter




4 responses to “Starting Again…

  1. I hope it all goes well for you and your husband. I wish him a speedy recovery and you as little stress as is possible. My prayers are with both of you.

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