There be felted dragons in the house

Needle felted dragon

There be dragons in the house

Just discovered there are still dragons in the house, careful he may bite, he’s got sharp teeth. Now I know how bad bear got his fish!

Long long ago I had a fascination with creating dragons sculptures. I thought I had outgrown these, obviously not. Hubby seems to be totally amused with my latest needle stabbed critter too, in fact the whole family are.

It all started with the fish I created for bad bear, well you can’t just make one can you! My daughter decided that I needed to create something that liked fishing, for some reason dragons popped into my head.

Well that brought back all the previous work I had done in the past. I probably still have all the sketches I made somewhere in the attic.

He hasn’t a name yet, undoubtably my granddaughter will sort that one out for me, next time she visits.

Dragon base needle felted

He’s worked around wire armatures in Polwarth wool top, his arms and legs are separate wire bases so I could also thread joint him so he could be posed in several ways. He also has handmade polymer and resin eyes, and the fish is polymer clay. Standing he is about 4 inches high and he is weighted with glass beads.

The colour detail is created with soft pastels (I am still working with this technique.) there is a good overview of the technique on felted chickens blog.

The main idea with this is to be sparing with the pastels and build the colour rather than putting too much on at once.

Needle felted dragon

Dragon fishing

Needle felted dragon

But bear likes fish

© 2013 Irene Irving


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