Cafe with a view.

Here we go again, another day another op. I've just left hubby to be prepped for theatre again. I so hope this time the stress and worry is worth it and they are successful in replacing the metal work in his hip and leg.

I should try and get some sleep, but my mind seems to want to avoid that process at the moment.

Its a beautiful spring morning with a clear blue sky. So I'm sitting in the cafe at the hospital having a coffee trying to calm down and pull my thoughts together. There is a list of jobs I need to do but at the moment I just need to sit and chill, I can take myself off the “always on standby mode” for a couple of hours at least.

North Staffordshire

Room with a view

Well after six hours of surgery, I've just seen Hubby, he's quite jovial mood, drug induced of course. I love to see him smile and laugh (even if I don't know what he's laughing at!)

Hopes are high that the operation is successful, X-rays tomorrow should confirm this, I am hoping that this is now our turning point, and we can work towards the road to recovery

Now I know he is alright its time for me to go home and get a nights sleep, tomorrow is another day


2 responses to “Cafe with a view.

  1. I’m hoping this operation puts your husband well on the road to recovery. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • The whole family are hoping we have reached the turning point now, and we just have to wait to see if the operation is successful. Thank you so much for your thoughts

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