Wish Bear, with weighting tutorial.

Sorry I have not been as enthusiastic with my posts of late, my time has been consumed with looking after hubby, Oh the pain in the neck, joy of bed baths etc never mind.

My latest, this is wish bear, a cute tiny bear with flower style wings. He’s about 2.5 inches high, with polymer clay and resin eyes. Needle felted with fine merino wool top. As he is so small he is weighted with glass beads. He has tiny magnets in his paws so he can make a wish.


Needle Felted Wish Bear © 2013 Irene Irving

I had to experiment with how to weight my needle felted animals and bears this time I thought it might be useful for others to have a tutorial on this process, so I have linked a PDF file for you.

Weighting Needle-felt tutorial click here to access this

Click on the tutorial and you should be able to open the PDF.

needle felt, wish bear

needle felt, wish bear © 2013 Irene Irving

© 2013 Irene Irving


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