It’s going to be one of those days!

Ever had one of those days, when silly little things start to aggravate you? Well this is one of those days for me!

So I’m sitting just having a morning coffee before I start for the day and a picture falls from the wall (its only been hanging there for at least a decade) it makes a huge noise which makes me jump and of course I spill my coffee over me, the picture lands behind the radiator and lodges itself there!

Beloved picture

Undeterred I mutter under my breath and wipe myself down and proceed to make another cup of coffee (instant) I drop lid of the coffee jar it doesn’t just fall on the floor, no it has to bounce onto the top of the tumble drier then proceed to roll to the back and disappear down into the void.

Ok I thought karma is telling you should have cleaned up first. A major operation ensues to retrieve both items from their hiding places and of course you have to clean those areas after discovering the layers of dust don’t you.

A cleaning binge ensues, not the jobs I did have planned for today mind you.

After a couple of hours I decide I’ve done enough for now and it’s time to reward myself with a real coffee made with my tassimo. Ok the coffees made and a large latte is steaming in the cup and as I am still in “cleaning the corners mode” I decide in my lack of wisdom to just pop off the removable parts of the coffee maker and put them to soak so I could clean then later I usually do this after I have drank the coffee! Big mistake one of the parts flips off and lands in my freshly brewed coffee.

Unfortunately I start laughing at myself for getting so annoyed at these events, while holding my coffee cup trying to retrieve the offending part, yep you guessed it coffee once again down the front of me, typical at least I was still damp from the previous coffee.

Offending coffee machine part

Just in case you are wondering the picture is a photograph I took of my eldest and developed (memories of developing in the dark room back in the days of black and white) taken nearly 20 years ago. God I feel old!


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