Sunny, needle felted bear

Another introduction, Sunny Bear, named sunny because spring seems to have finally arrived, the sun is out.

I’m beginning to find some techniques that work for me now. After experimenting with lots of information taken from the Internet as to how to thread joint, and lots of others. I have begun to settle to use two forms, wired limbs to allow posing and threaded joints to give a different degree of movement.

I still love working with fine merino wool, there something so calming about working with the needle to sculpt and shape the wool.

Although its is best to have a plan or sketch of the character you want to create. Just sometimes they seem to just evolve as you sculpt, taking on their own character.

Sunny bear, created in merino wool top with wired limbs which are thread jointed. He is about 2.5 inches tall (sitting).

PS another blogger  “Jovi”  has linked to here and stated that Sunny bear is made from waste , this is not so. All of my creations are made from new material. and Many thanks to those many Merino sheep that provide us with such wonderful wool.


4 responses to “Sunny, needle felted bear

  1. He’s adorable. I love your creations. Now I’ll have to look up thread joints and see what they are.

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