Needle felted finger monkey

Another challenge from my daughter, she just loves finger monkeys. So how to create a sculpted wool finger monkey then!

Needle felted Finger MonkeyThe main challenge was the fingers, these needed to be wired along with the limbs and the tail, so it could be fully posable. It’s no good making a finger monkey that didn’t hang on to you finger is it.

I did have suitable brown eyes in my stash of eyes. Although I do need to have another polymer clay day to build my stocks up again.

Instead of felting the wool top over the wire for the hands I put a little glue on the wire and wrapped the wool to created the fingers. From the wrists up I needle felted to crate the shape.

The wire for the tail runs up into the body, this was needle felted along with the body.

I still haven’t perfected blending colours onto such small items, so I used soft art pastels to give some of the colour detail.

Result, my daughter loves him, apparently so do many of her friends.

Needle Felted Bear and Monkey

Need you really!

Monkey currently is obsessed with sunny bear?

Perhaps sunny is going to have to live with my daughter and granddaughter too!

© 2013 Irene Irving


8 responses to “Needle felted finger monkey

  1. This monkey is Great and you did a wonderful job on the fingers. I know how difficult they can be.

    • Hi Debbe my monkeys are very popular, I don’t get a chance to build stocks.. I have had to close my commission list on Tangletopia at the moment so I can catch up with orders.. Showing you how it’s made a little more difficult. Needlefelting itself isn’t a complicated process and there are lots of tutorials available to get you started Gretel Parker has a great little book too it should still be available on Amazon and on Etsy I think.. Check out Pinterest too, there are loads tips there. The rest is practise patience and probably a couple of sore fingers now and again. One day I might get round to doing some tutorials I do keep meaning too I hope that helps

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