Needle felt spider monkey

Another challenge, a miniature spider monkey, however the long sparse hairs application needs practice.

He is about 3.5 inches high, wire framed, needle felted merino wool top with Massam wool top long hair.


The long hair isn't sparse enough, I need to find more patience with this. It's a start though.

This monkey probably isn't the best subject for needle felting, with its long limbs and layers of hair.

I much preferred my finger monkey for working on and finishing. Marmosets are more compact.













Needle Felt Spider monkey

Sorry about the bad photos, but here he is having about in the garden.



6 responses to “Needle felt spider monkey

    • Thanks Nancy, I have been amazed that people have really liked the monkeys, they are a bit of a fiddle to work though.

    • Thank you, I’ve been surprised that everyone like them, my daughter can come up with good challenges 🙂

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