Crochet baskets

I love the crochet baskets on squirrel picnics blog, she also has a pattern there for people to use, nice!

So I was inspired to have a go at these using various yarns from my stash. Not that I am very good at crochet but I have a little basic knowledge.

The pattern was straight forward, and I managed to get the hang of it. I did try it in some “plastic string but this was awful to work with and the mess, result didn’t inspire me.

Good old fashioned cotton string was the way forward. The crochet cotton was quite good for the miniatures.

I quite like the multi coloured basket, prefect for dragon to stash his fish 🙂

I didn’t seem to get the handles very neat so I decided to make one without to see how it looked.

Now I have a spark of an idea, what goes with a basket with no handles, a kitten of course.


4 responses to “Crochet baskets

  1. Hi Irene! I’m so excited that you made one of my baskets to hold your dragon’s fish. That’s awesome! I especially love the basket with side handles. What an ingenious idea!

    • I agree with your post, this pattern really gives the weaving effect of a basket 🙂 ps your basket looks great so neat.

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