The crochet basket, and needle felted sleepy kitten

Sleepy kitten, at last I might be a little happier with the shape of this kitten (cat). It takes me a while to consider whether something is right or not I’m afraid. He’s quite small measuring 2 inches. Needle felted from 21 micron merino wool top, with posable with wired limbs and tail.

I had a go at making polymer noses to see how that would work with the needle felting. I did spend quite a few evenings trying to work out how to make them, and be useable. This is one of the first noses I have used, it’s ok but I have to iron out a couple of techniques.

The hardest thing about working so small is that I can’t get rid of all the stray fibres, this makes photography difficult.

This kitten is so tired, and frequently falls asleep. Who knows what he gets up to when we’re not watching.

After looking for places to do so he has found that the basket made from the pattern on squirrel picnics blog is ideal. As I talked about in my previous post.

Thank you  Jennifer, I think he looks quite comfy, don’t you?


6 responses to “The crochet basket, and needle felted sleepy kitten

  1. Wow Linne! That sleepy kitten is soooo darling. I am just utterly amazed at all the detail you are able to capture with your felting. Bravo! And he looks so comfy in his new bed. I’m honored that my pattern was able to help him find the perfect place to curl up. *yawn* Just looking at him is making me sleepy too! 🙂

    Would you mind if I shared this with Squirrel Picnic’s friends on Facebook? Everyone needs to see this cuteness!

    • Hi Nancy, I have a very full order list at the moment (nearly to the end of 2014 But if you would like to be put on my email list of contacts pop over to Tangletopia and email me from the commissions page. Irene x

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