Rosie, needle felted teddy bear

Rosie was a sad little bear, so I cheered her up with an ice cream, yep who doesn't like ice cream? I have to admit I have had one or two myself!

Needle felted teddy bear


Rosie is 2 inches high when sitting and is needle felted felted from merino wool top and weighted with glass beads.

Her eyes and nose are handmade from polymer clay, as is her ice cream cone.

She is fully jointed so she can be posed.

I've spent far too much time messing around with polymer clay but I've enjoyed it, apart from having to tidy up the kitchen after.

It's been a strange sort of week, with much of my time taking hubby for his many appointments. Of course my needle felting or knitting goes with me it helps keep my sanity!

Hope you all like Rosie.


Needle felted teddy bear





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