My granddaughter has her (real) kitten at last

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, my daughter has been looking for a kitten. It had to be the right temperament to be able to intact with my granddaughter. After many visits and disappointments and tears finding that the purrfect kittens were always reserved, we decided to go back to the local RSPCA this afternoon (they had all of the necessary paperwork, permissions and home visit records etc, and we needed copies so we could reserve faster at other branches)

RSPCA kitten


Although they said at the reception they had no kittens available, look who I found, she was so beautiful. I sent my daughter back to reception to ask about this kitten, “we need to know if she is up for adoption or not?”

The smile on my daughters face when she returned told me that the kitten was available, it had only just come in from a vet.

We had a good afternoon in the centres “summer house” getting to know the kitten. This was a great idea the centre implements.

She was just the character my granddaughter needed, loving, friendly but outgoing. The most important aspect was the kitten loved my granddaughter and you can see they made a connection almost immediately. Another bonus was its gentle touch, even when playing we all emerged with no scratches amazing.

That was it, we needed to adopt this kitten.


She is just beautiful, the RSPCA named her Twinkle, I added Turbo to that she is so fast, perhaps that name will change that’s down to my daughter and granddaughter.

We were amazed that the centre said we could take her home the same day, but we had already had been home checked etc that had been done weeks ago.

I loved the smiles on both my daughter and granddaughters faces as we set off for home, the kitten was a little vocal on the way, until my granddaughter started to sing gently to it, “twinkle twinkle little star” then it just quietly sat in its carry box.

At home, so much for the need to allow the kitten to settle in, and adjust. That took about 10 seconds, out of the box something to eat use of the cat litter. Then it undertook a full investigation of the house, before deciding that my granddaughters bed was the best place to rest. You can hear the purring for downstairs 🙂

Turbo Twinkle just purrfect.

6 responses to “My granddaughter has her (real) kitten at last

    • They have wanted a cat for the past 2 years, but something has always stopped them from getting one. I have always had a cat the one we have now is really my daughters cat from when she lived at home but she’s too old and a bit intolerant of my granddaughter (there was an unfortunate incident going back to when my granddaughter was just months old but my cat hasn’t forgiven her I’m afraid)

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