Busy busy, twitter facebook and websites


So hard being a kitten 🙂


It's been a bit crazy around here lately, apart from kitten sitting several times, I managed to visit my old work colleagues for coffee, its been the first time Ive really been out and about on my own since hubby's accident (he's doing really well by the way)

I've been experimenting on twitter trying to get the hang of the short messages and understanding tweets retweets and favourites not quite there yet but sort of interesting.

Then there's the facebook page well that's going to be a challenge too, it's a bit different than my personal chatty family newsfeed, there's nothing like setting yourself challenges, anyone got any advice on these?.

So just to make the learning curve a bit steeper I start to build a website too, although this is going to keep me busy for sometime before I manage to publish it,

I must get back to finishing off some of my needle felting projects I need a rest from all the learning activity 🙂 Hope everyone is enjoying the summer?

Oh and by the way, Twinkle also got into my needlefelt rejects box, she had great fun



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