Trista, the “sad to leave you bear” a present for teacher.

This bear has been requested by Natasha for a special teacher Miss Austin at Charnwood Primary . This is a special handmade one of a kind bear for an important teacher. Miss Austin has worked with Tasha this last year and Tasha has loved every minute.

1 Starting the process; wool and needles at the ready! Getting the base shapes ready for detailing. Wary bear is in the photo too, looking after my needles for me as usual.

Starting the process



2 Work in progress; the bear is in 'bits' in this shot and needs care and attention to bring her together working threaded joints, and final detailing.

We have decided to call the bear Trista. This name was carefully chosen, as she is a keepsake from Natasha who is a little sad to be moving out of Miss Austin's class.

Meaning of “Trista”

Trista -ris-ta, tr(i)-sta as a girl's name is pronounced TRISS-tah. It is of English origin. Feminine form of Tristan

The name Trista means – sad or melancholy one.

Origin – English possibly Celtic or Gealic

Work in progress


Trista is needle felt sculpted from fine merino wool top, with a glass bead weighted body. She also has five way thread jointed and wired limbs so she can be fully posed to give hugs.

She is one of my bigger bears and measures 4.5 inches from top to toe, with a big embossed heart on her tummy, and she will melt your heart with her sad eyes. She carries a little bunch of flowers for Miss Austin who has been a special teacher who has inspired her pupils. She is quite attached to the flowers though she is happy to hold them and let you have a look at them!

Hopefully Trista will be happy looking after teacher and cheering her up with flowers when she needs it 🙂

© 2013 Irene Irving


Miss Austin also receives a signed certificate with her bear.


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