Chilling for the afternoon

Well hubby has joined his friends at the festival of a thousand bikes. I had the job of transporting him there, I don't think he wanted me to go (he wants to seem to be independent for a day!) so I've dropped him off and I'm hoping he doesn't over do it. It's the first time he has been out of the house for a full day (apart from hospital)

Coffee and cake

Caramel apple pie and coffee


I've found a garden centre local to Mallory Park, so I have access to cold drinks and coffee but I'm still close to hand for hubby. I have my needle felting with me and my mobile Internet connection, and I've found a perfect spot in the shade with a little breeze, to sit and work (more like being idle) nice eh!

Not that I'm getting much work done however starting with apple pie and coffee then a bit of shopping, there's loads of little shops at this centre. Then back to the cafe for a cold lemonade.

While I'm sitting stuffing my face and sampling the fresh lemonade I'm writing on my blog ha ha I don't think that's work though, I'm spending far too much time reading tweets and checking pin interest too. Never mind I'm enjoying it.

I'm just hoping hubby's enjoying his day with his friends in his element among motorcycles too.


Feel free to comment :)

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