New spiral felting needles


For all of those of you in the UK is it warm enough for you? Beautiful blue skies we have all waited long enough for this, so enjoy as best you can.

I've been working with some new spiral felting needles, they seem to be good, certainly they feel sturdy when using them. When using normal fine needles, I am very cautious especially when working on the wired sections of my critters.

With my latest I'm trying wired posable ears, has to be a rabbit to start, yes?. He/she is still under character development at the moment, I'll post when its finished

The spiral needles certainly seemed to grab the fibres well to tighten them to the wire frame.

Before I can truly assess the needles I need to use them for a couple of weeks to test them on a few designs.

I ordered them one evening from FeltSpecial (Etsy) and Bianca dispatched them the following day for me, and only 5 days from the Netherlands into my sticky mits. :p

There's been lots going on in my head this past week, to start to sell or not, I know people “like” my work the question is will they buy?

My Facebook page has started to grow albeit slowly, the website has ground to a halt, I've hit the will I won't I barrier. There are so many things to consider, Etsy or own online shop, domain names. What about insurances, Tax NI etc etc.

I'm spending hours researching, my head full of questions instead of enjoying working on my critters.

I was so pleased when another of my blogging acquaintances set up shop, well done Little Poppets. I wonder if I have the nerve to actually do it?

Any comments advice welcome?


4 responses to “New spiral felting needles

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I can’t decide whether to go with Etsy or have my own online store. At the moment I need to make stuff, and put it away for selling, lol sometimes that is easier said than done 🙂

  1. I too recommend selling on Etsy. That’s where I sell my needle felting. It keeps me pretty busy. I’m sure you will do wonderfully because your work is so good. Your pieces have such wonderful personalities too. I love your work. I say Etsy, because it’s been so good to me and the other reason is it doesn’t cost very much to use Etsy.

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