Ratty says hello.

Ratty, needle felted and shaded with soft pastels.


Standing just 2.5 inches high Ratty has such “hello eyes”. Needle felted with wired and thread jointed upper limbs and a wire armature tail.

The main colour is flesh tone merino wool top then shaded with artist soft pastels, and of course his white wool teeth.

This whiskers are human hair! My daughter had some hair wefts that are used to make hair extensions they worked, what do you think?

There are so many characters in my head, not all of them translate into the soft sculptures.

I am trying to find characters that I can give personality to, or a range of personalities to each creation.

The search goes on!



© 2013 Irene Irving



8 responses to “Ratty says hello.

  1. Great idea to use hair for the whiskers. I’ve been using horse hair (but it’s not always easy to come by) or invisible thread but with Halloween coming I’m going to pick up a wig and use the hair from it. Great idea! Thank you!

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