New needle felting work surface

I've been making a new felting work surface, as all the different types of the foam I have tried begin to break up after repeated “stabbing” . I have to date covered the foam with felt or fabric for protection but eventually it still leaks and gets onto the surface of my work!

This can be really annoying when working, so my latest idea is a bag full of rice I had seen diy rice bags that people use for heat packs and thought it might be a good idea. In fact if they work well it might be a good idea to heat it up in the winter to keep my hands warm while working …


Making the base

In fact if the summer temperatures keep high I might try putting it into the freezer for a while so I can chill my hot hands down?

I had a calico, cotton shopping bag which I recycled and I hand stitched together a square “sack” to hold the rice. It wasn't worth setting my sewing machine up.

I bought the cheapest rice available to try this for the first time, I am not sure how long this will last but it's worth a try.

Fill the “sack” with rice and then overstitch the gap, tadah!

The weight may be an issue but at the moment it seems to add to the stability as the foam one was light and easily knocked over. To date the biggest cause of needle breakage was through the foam falling against the floor or table and snapping the needles.

I have an old favourite wooden box I use to keep everything together and to stop needles from stabbing through when I work with it on my lap, (it used to hold strawberries, and is about 8 inches square) its easier to move from room to room if I have too. The needles don't “park so well in the rice surface, so I added little foam at the back of the box to hold the working needles and my new rice filled “sack” I'm ready to work again. Well see how long this lasts for.


Has anyone else tried any other surfaces for needle felting?





6 responses to “New needle felting work surface

  1. I have had the best results by cutting a foam (gardening) pad into four pieces and then using straight pins to hold them into a block. It still eventually needs replacing but I have 10 surfaces to destroy befoe it needs replacing. I just keep switching them around until I use up all the surfaces. It takes quite awhile to use them all up. I use the cheap ones that are the same foam that is in the children’s swimming noodles.I hope you’ll find this information helpful.

    • Thanks Nancy, I’m also trying to keep the noise level down for hubby.the layers of garden pad foam seem like a good idea. I was using left over memory foam (I had to cut some bed toppers up to make seating pads for hubby) it’s quiet but doesn’t last long 🙂

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