Hats and scraps of leather…

On one of my foraging expeditions into my loft storage I discovered a bag of leather scraps, oh the lovely smell of leather, it brings back so many good memories.

I can remember collecting them, when we used to go to the BMF motorcycle rally's when the children were little, I can also remember planning on making some patchwork leather bags with them. Well that never happened I can't remember why, they just got stored and forgotten I suppose, but I was very pleased to find them lots of ideas came to mind, useful stuff leather.

So first plan to be put into action, I need flat caps for my characters, there seems to be a bit if a theme going on with hats at the moment!


Many of the pieces are soft dress leather so at least it is a bit pliable. I think I have the shape I was going for, my granddad used to wear one of these all of the time, in fact I'm convinced he used to wear it for bed 🙂

Stitching is shall we say tough going, I do have some leather needles somewhere! I need to find them.

I really do need to sort my house out. Ever started to tidy and organise then find you can't find anything? And of course there's the “safe place” if I ever find my safe places they will have loads of stuff in them (scratches head mmm) perhaps I need to explore the loft some more, it's not big but loads of boxes each one may have been a safe place at sometime in the past, I even have boxes there from my first little house back in the mid 70s.

Hark at me having a trip down memory lane, never mind. There's a new character waiting to be finished and he really needs a flat cap…. More to follow ….


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