Found treasure, beautiful wool store..

It's been ages since I had a day out, in particular a day with my mum and without my hubby. He's not too fond of visiting craft centres or the like, nor going out for 'pub grub' he says he much prefers my cooking to spending money on food he might not like, that's hubby for you.

Mum and I often used to spend the day together, going out for a bite to eat, then going for a peruse around the shops or garden centre. Not that we really wanted to buy things it was just a “look out” and spend a little time together. She lives an hour or so away from me (by car) much longer if you have to get there by public transport. As hubby hasn't been fit enough to be out for long, I haven't been visiting as often as I would like.

We had a good day, first lunch a long chat, then off to The Threshing Barn of a look see, I had looked through their website, and though it would be worth a visit. As it was only a few miles from where we had decided to have lunch.


The little craft store was part of a farm, a small pleasant place with a very cheery person chatting to customers. A felt makers treasure trove, there was so much in the small barn conversion, so many varieties of wool. So many colours, oh I wish I had a design plan and list, I had made a promise I wouldn't buy loads of stuff, so I just bought a little, with the view to returning after coming up with a plan.


Some of the wool here is from the owners sheep, which she also dyes herself, such colours.

So much choice, ones I can remember, Merino, Blue Faced Leicester, Angora, and more.

It seems that she also has classes for spinning, and felting too!

I'm going to go back soon 🙂



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