Hand Spinning attempt..

Well I got myself a drop spindle whilst at the Threshing Barn, so I could have a go at spinning, not an expensive one just a starter spindle. The plan… To spin small quantities of yarn for any potential knitted accessories for my needle felted critters. I had watched a few you tube videos and read up on some of the processes, “that seems easy enough” I thought to myself. That's the thing about watching someone who knows what they are doing they make it look so easy don't they, well it's a whole new ball game having a go for yourself!

I spent a day having a go, no it's not as easy as it looks. To much twist and it tangles its self up, not enough and it's just the fibre and is too weak. Never mind the times the other end of the roving decided to join itself to the spin at random times. Never mind perhaps I expected too much, more practice is needed.

Even though they are not brilliant here are my first poor attempts at hand spinning, one thing for sure it would take me years to spin sufficient for a human size jumper.

First spinning

For now I will just have a little practise now and again. I am in awe of the hand spinners out there who produce their own yarn, amazing.



One response to “Hand Spinning attempt..

  1. Your post reminds me of the book “The Red tent” by Anita Diamant. There was a lot of spinning wool and learning to spin in that book. Have you read it? I think you might like it. I liked it.
    Your spinning is lovely.

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