Summer bear

I set myself this challenge, although there is a touch of autumn in the air, I had to have a summer bear before the summer disappears and autumn really kicks in

I think I am finding a pattern to my work style, I like the challenge of hand making everything for the bears or my other critters. Where this is not always possible it's worth the challenge I think. So summer bear, needed a hat, (I don't know what I have about hats!) braided raffia I thought, with some roses.

I used to make reed and grass bracelets when I was a kid, my dad used to take us caravanning a lot so we spent lots of time in the countryside miles from anywhere, well you have to amuse yourself don't you. So I thought I would try to resurrect this and make a bonnet from raffia. Time consuming but I quite like the effect.

“Summer” is 3.5 inches when sitting, I have used stainless steel shot to weight her, I wanted to see how working with the steel would be with the felting needles. It was fine but slowed the process down to make sure I didn't break my needle (there is nothing worse than loosing the end of a needle in a bear, as it is impossible to retrieve.) or the piece would be ruined.


I've used pure white merino wool top (21microns) I have to admit the spiral felting needles are superb for working with this fine wool. Summers cute brown eyes are from my last batch of hand made eyes.

P.S. Work towards my shop has almost ground to a halt, although I think I have my head around some of the details, but that's something else. I've realised I need to clear a space so I can keep all of my supplies together and have somewhere to work shall we say more productively.




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