New hat, new needle felt character …

With my further fascination with making little hats, I came up with this little top hat. Made with leather and finished with knitted ribbon and feathers.

Miniature top hat

Working with the fine leather was a little time consuming but I think the effort was worth while.

Next the character to go with it, for some reason it was in my mind to have an elephant wearing this. My last elephant was light grey, and made for my daughters friend. This time it just had to be pink a total break with reality (again for a change, ha ha)

The idea of Candy (Candy Floss -because of the colour of the merino wool top)

She stands just 4 inches high (to the top of her hat.

Weighted with glass beads at her base, I did have a little difficulty with her balance as the little hat is surprisingly heavy.

She has pretty blue eyes, and is shaded a little with soft pastel.

She also has a little silk topknot (although her hat covers most of this) and tail.

There is a wire through this character, so the trunk and tail can be posed.

I've mainly used the spiral needles I purchased for this, they are fast becoming my favourite type of needle for working.

What do you think, I have started to create a few different characters now, which do you like?





Does my bum look big in this



Feel free to comment :)

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