Nearly launch time

So nerve racking, but the web store is nearly ready for launch. Easy I thought (that was at least 2 months ago) for some it would be a “doddle” so to speak, for me the nights of self doubt, questioning myself “can I get this right” well I think I've reached the stage where “got to do it, ready or not here I come” .

It's not that I've invested loads of money, in fact the target was to do this on a very small budget, in fact next to nothing. I've had to use every drop of past knowledge and then add to it with research and lots of trial and error. I'm my own worst enemy sometimes if there's a complicated way to do it no doubt I will attempt that first, I even make it complicated as to the spelling of collectibles (collectable) Oxford dictionary at the ready there was much debate. Never mind learning curves are like that, working out the business side has been the biggest one.

All I hope that if it doesn't work as planned then customers will be a little understanding as I fix any issues as I go along. My original personal target was 1st September but now as September draws to a close and I am still working out the final detail.

I know that there are lots (probably millions) of artists and crafters out there who have set up or are setting up online studios or shops, and competition is high. So why have I done it!

I don't just want to sit and vegetate that's not me, in the past I was always busy working when teaching at one stage it took over my life, putting in 12 or more hours a day to ensure the success of my students. Since my husbands accident life is so different these days it's all about the physio, for me it's all about the waiting, waiting for each little milestone and goal to be reached. By the way, he's doing great compared to this time last year, but still such a long way to go.

So while I'm waiting, I needed to have a project something to do from home (my personal waiting room).

I found going back to my art to to give me some stress relief (much better than pacing the floor) needle felting became my comfort blanket. Much to my surprise, so many have loved the things I've made, and after much encouragement from family and friends the work started to sell them online.

So here goes, the aww factor at Felt Visual is about to launch and hopefully my characters will make it out into the real world…. Watch this space


2 responses to “Nearly launch time

  1. We are in a similar space. I am putting some patterns up for sale, here at markets and on line. I didn’t give the free ones a second thought but the paid ones OMG!!!!!! The administration side of things (as you know) is quite boggling in the beginning. Anyway you do great work and i KNOW it will be well received. We just need more time (which we don’t got!!!)

    • I know what you mean, and as for time tell me about it it seems as though I blink and another week has just slipped by me.
      I hope you have every success with your venture.

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