Launch day giveaway…

It’s here, I think I’ve launched anyway, (I can see it I just hope others can) so feel free to nip over and have a browse. The baskets aren’t enabled yet though. You should be able to see the link on the top menu for – Irene Felt Visual

 launch giveaway.

My little giveaway

I’ve been panicking a little, I don’t know how many times I have deleted bits then done them again, what am I like…

Hopefully I will get quicker at managing the online side, it has taken so much time just to work some of the details out. Now I can get back to some stress busting needle felting, I haven’t done so much in the last couple of weeks.

To celebrate the opening I have decided to have a little giveaway on my Facebook page.

Here she is, all ready to go off on her travels She’s a tiny 3cm high and has her own little knitted hat and the key to someone’s heart. She made from pink merino wool with an embroidered little nose, she also is fiveway thread jointed (head and limbs.) she likes to cuddle your thumb, while she’s being held.

So why don’t you nip over and have a look costs nothing but your time. I will select a winner at random on the 3/10/13.

Have a browse through the web store then go to my Facebook page post like and write comment on giveaway post about the web store would be good, your then entered to have the chance to own this pretty prototype (the winner will only need to personal message me with their address so I can post it to them.)

Just a note; My little critters are aimed at adult collectors and not intended for children because of their constructing and small parts.


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