Stop press…It’s open (gulp)

I don't know if what I am feeling now is fright or excitement. Today I've opened my 'virtual' shop, to customers.

This is just a quick update, I'm going to fuel up on caffeine and cake now.

Country bear

Country Bear keeping an eye on me




7 responses to “Stop press…It’s open (gulp)

  1. I “flung open the doors” same time as you. i am selling crochet and knitting patterns. I established the shop first, then I put some really nice free patterns up and then this week I launched the purchasable ones.
    I am having a mixture and adding a free amigurumi pumpkin pattern next.

    • Oops, I didn’t have my thinking head in there, your on Ravelry I think my mind needs a reboot, I did look cause you have classes too at your community centre. Sorry about that, I still think you’ll do great. πŸ™‚

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