Autumn 2013 looking back ….

I started using this blog to keep record of what to do when I finished work, beginning with the thought it would be just a bit of a diary, with the concept that no one would read it, apart from family. Well these couple of years have been a roller coaster ride, it's strange I can remember getting nervous / excited because one person started to follow me! (In a good way)

Slowly but surely people have begun to follow not only here but on facebook and twitter too. There are not thousands only a few but they have given me the confidence to try to work on. I want to thank everyone for that. I know I have the support of my wonderful family but it's something extra when people who don't know you, have positive things to say… (I must stop now because I am getting all soppy … not good)

I can remember saying at the beginning,

“Welcome 2012, I am looking forward to see what you have in store for me, one thing I know each day will be different and will present new challenges.” It still up there on my about page…. Well it certainly had its challenges, as for each day being different well I have been stuck in a few groundhog days where I had to plan the same things at the same time everyday (horrible, I don't like those days which turn to weeks)

Well 2012 was good for a while then hubby's accident changed everything 😦 ….2013 is almost over, time just seems to have disappeared recently

The good things, I still get to see my beautiful granddaughter, who is growing so fast (although my son just insists I am shrinking)

I am spending more time with hubby… He still makes me laugh so much at times (as well as cry), I do wish he was well and mobile, sometimes it's like watching a caged wild tiger as he listens to the sound of motorcycles in the distance, we live within earshot of a busy road, if there are any events on which there are many in the area most of the motorcyclists pass here. One of the most recent was the “Ride to the Wall”, where motorcyclists pay their respects to the fallen at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire. All day there was the constant sound of cycles with the occasional comment from hubby to identify the bikes from their sound, this year he didn't want to go up to the road to see them 😦

Arboretum ride to the wall 2013

He has always loved being out on his precious cycles. Well perhaps 2014 will see progress towards that goal.

If I had'nt been put into the situation of being at home all of the time, perhaps wouldn't have rediscovered my felting. It's helped my improve my patience (and I can escape reality and disappear into my imaginary world for short times, a sort of little “Narnia” without leaving hubby alone)

Needlefelted bear

Country Bear




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