Creating different characters…

I have so many different ideas in my mind. So it's time to get some development work done, I am always open to suggestions though, I keep a little book with suggestions in, sometimes I get suggestions as to what characters could be up to or for a type of animal. As it takes a little time for the suggestions to feed through from my subconscious brain into the creative working system (laughs at self about this).

These are a couple of different characters I've been working with lately,

Fluffy bird

Here's fluffy bird, steel shot weighted and worked with fine merino and angora. The angora is so soft to work with but the fibres seem to get everywhere, including all over me 😦

I like to weight some of the characters. This one feels like a real little fat bird in your hand 😉

I am still undecided about the look yet, and I need to work on some variations.







Quirky snail

For something different here's a quirky snail.

This character still needs some more development, it's wire framed and merino wool the cookies are polymer clay. Every now and then I spend some time making polymer clay accessories, they sometimes inspire characters and sometims just add a little something to it.



7 responses to “Creating different characters…

  1. I love you’re little bird! It looks like a baby owl, I tried to make a pants once and the results were, well it looked like a drunk penguin lol! You have amazing talent!

    • It helps to be obsessed, I have loads of rejects sometimes though the character just comes through as your working, and sometimes you have to put it away for a week or too (rejects box) and go back to it. Keep trying it does take hours to get the wool to work into the sculpt you want. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment.

    • I’m pleased you like them, I tend to waiver between creating things that are cute and things that are real. So they tend to come out a bit strange sometimes 🙂

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