Bringing a needlefelted character to life

Part of the fun of creating my characters is the way they transform, yes I occasionally sketch them but sometimes the character just develops.


This is one that started out as a basic bear, then I pinned the head to the body to check the proportion. The head dropped to on side, I chuckled to myself “it's fallen asleep”

The eyes were in place and I always start them off by putting the eyelids in the closed position before working into them for the expression.

I just had to take the photo, just out of interest I posted this to my facebook page. I was amazed at the reaction everyone seemed to love it. The characters story had started.


So the work continued building the rest of the bear. Deciding on a possible range of poses was a bit of a challenge.

During this the characters eyes stayed firmly closed. This in itself was a challenge for me knowing there was a pair of beautiful blue eyes under that felt.

However like all projects I know they can be overworked and the wrong move can lose the character that is developing. I have lots of these in my reject box πŸ™‚


So if the eyes weren't going to be the main feature then something else has to be. Considering the first thing most animals or people do when they are tired, I had to develop a yawn. Working with small sections of merino fibre the look started to develop. The final touch was the little tongue, my cat always curls it's tongue when yawning.

I could then work the eyes slightly just exposing a little section of the eye detail.


There it is the development of yawning bear ?




11 responses to “Bringing a needlefelted character to life

  1. Precious ….made my hands feel a sense of creativity while it filled my heart to see your work! Were that I could have such talent!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment but it’s not magic. Just a barbed needle, wool, patience and imagination (usually inspired but others comments and remarks) πŸ™‚

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