Christmas wishes to everyone

I really need to get my own personal Christmas planning underway, with little pressies to buy, and preparations for my home. Yes I know that there are people out there who have all of their presents wrapped, some have their Christmas lights up and already have food prepared and in the freezer ready to go. Me no, with only a couple of pressies bought and not even the celebration menus prepared. I know that time will flash past and the holidays will be here, so I really need to burst into action.

Sometimes I think I would just like to ignore this forthcoming Christmas and holiday season as this year I will be spending Christmas Eve sitting in the usual hospital waiting room probably for most of the day. My normal Christmas Eve is spent cooking and baking and filling the house with those delicious smells that make the holidays so memorable. But then my granddaughter is already excited and hyperactive, my son and daughter are already excited about the food and nibbles and little extras and I can't let them down, so now my countdown begins, and I must find my Christmas spirit and get organised for my family.

It may be a little while before I post again, but I won't go away promise 🙂 and when I can I will be creating characters.

So here's where I start, I want to wish everyone all the best for the forthcoming Christmas season, and happy new year for 2014 and a special thanks to all my followers for your support.


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