The ups and downs of creating the needle felted sloth.

Strange sort of animals sloths, quirky enigmatic creatures. So when I was requested to make one it became a challenge.

Sloth face sketch

I started out with a sketch or two, and much ringing of hands and scratching of my head. Other requirements were it needed to be chocolate brown (not the best for detailing) never mind I decided to I a test piece or two it was difficult to get my head around the proportions and in the end I decided to go with something that reflected the sloth rather than a realistic character. As I have discovered there is one thing sketching in 2D and working with wool to sculpt a 3D, the wool does have a will of its own.


My first attempt I used a wired armature including the claws but the claws were just too thin and small against the rest if it, I used black faced wool top on this one but the feel wasn't quite right. And the proportions seemed to be off.

Starting again I decided the claws just had to be the focal point of the character, I was quite pleased with these and as they were wired they gave a reasonable amount of posing.

Polymer clay sloth claws

The head at this time was still not looking right, I used glass black eyes instead of my usual handmade. And after much consideration, I worked out that the face itself was too large the nose was certainly over the top. So back to the beginning with the head.

Rejected sloth head

So back to my own style of handmade eyes, a smaller cute face (I just can't resist cute) and I think I have the final result, yey 🙂

His limbs have a wired armature then thread jointed to include the head so he can be posed. I'm quite pleased with him even though I feel a bit little Dr Frankenstein 😉

A two toed sloth is probably going to be one of my future projects it's lighter colour might be easier to work (well I said I'd try to be positive in 2014)



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