Getting lost in the design process,

One of the latest challenges was to come up with some new easy to construct joints to give a range of movement to my characters. After weeks of researching online I realised that because for the medium I use i.e. Wool. I realised I was going to have to figure this out for myself (please forgive me but I'm not quite ready for sharing the actual joints at the moment, they took too long to design)

But I'm almost there, previously I just used threaded joints but the heads would just rotate I wanted to have them swivel and rotate. The eyes I have managed to get them to be able to be posed blinking. But I've got other plans to work on. Undoubtably many will go straight into the bin or rejects pile.

Sometimes I have so many thoughts and ideas swimming around in my head, I become the absent minded professor. Days just seem to disappear interrupted only by ipad sound reminders to cook etc. that ipad rules my life sometimes, sad isn't it when you have to program a bit of tech to remind you to do important chores like cook, but if I don't, I know I can just get lost in my creativity and nothing else would get done!

I must admit I did become a little crazy trying to work out the armatures and other elements. Scribbling in my notebooks testing out designs (and throwing many in the bin) but I think I have a plan that is workable now.

Sometimes it works out that the amount if work involved isn't worth the final piece but I just have to try to work them out. I need to refine and simplify the eye to make it viable, the rotating swivel head I think this will work. Secretly I've loved being totally absorbed in working out the design

Mm thinking!

Yes I am awake really!

I need a friend


It seems that quite a few people like the design and I've had a suggestion that there should be a pussy cat with this character? As I had a kitten in my box here's a photo.

The Owl and the Pussycat


What do you think?




6 responses to “Getting lost in the design process,

    • thank you so much. It’s nearly there, I have to simplify the mechanism a little. Sometimes I over complicate them. I’m so pleased you like her 😀
      (Hubby has banned me from getting any more complicated. I love clockwork automaton but I think this is taking them too far really).

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