Space for my imaginary world!

With all of the reality checks I've had to make over this past 18 months looking after my hubby, sitting in waiting rooms appointments at hospitals etc I have neglected home, slowly the clutter of everyday life has begun to take over.

Where to start, I need a place in reality that I can sit and work on my crafts, my little bench that has gone with me while I have sat in waiting rooms for hubbies hospital appointments. My little strawberry box (aka the bench) has served me well for the past year at least, I have sat with it visiting my imaginary world creating little characters that so many have admired and fallen in love with. It has helped me focused and sane (well the later is debatable πŸ˜‰ )

We don't have a large house, and hubby doesn't like to have “people in” to do work, he's a bit OCD about the quality etc (CDO is what he calls it, because it has to be in alphabetical order) to add to this we are both squirrels, but a de clutter has to come now.

In the house we have a little utility room, I think originally it was for keeping coats and shoes etc, the electric meter etc, bit of a walk in clutter cupboard really. I did have a desk in there, well at least I think it's still there? I can't see it for the clutter, you know all of the stuff that you just put there till you have time to put it away! Just you never really get round to it, you just pull the door too? I won't put a picture up, it's way too embarrassing

I've decided it's time to sort this, come up with a plan so I can have all my crafty bits in one place. Such a tangled mess, the items I've stacked jenga style many of which I look at and say oh I remember this,!,!

“This is going to take ages” I had planned on spending a couple of days solid on it well this could be a couple of weeks and several visits to the recycling centre etc……. I must persevere, so I've restricted my felting time, it's just too easy to ignore the mess and just do the needle felting. A while back I decided I needed a name for the imaginary world I sometimes get lost in, and as I struggled with the mess, sitting trying to untangle old cables and string, it came to me the name for the imaginary world where I de-stress. “Tangletopia” I'm going to name this place Tangletopia.

So with newly found energy and persistance I battled on, it wasn't going to be perfect, it wasn't going to make the cover of any good home magazine, yes I would still have to share it with the cleaning equipment etc, but it needed to be come the place I could sit and create if I wanted to, this would be my equivalent of Narnia (well that was in a wardrobe wasn't it?).

Well almost complete, (I stitched lots of photos together to get this image, because I couldn't get far enough away to just take one shot) this is all crammed into a 6×8 foot space, good for reaching all of it without moving much πŸ™‚

So I have my peaceful spot, my 'shed' just got to start on the rest of the house now 😦 but at least I will have my “Tangletopia” to escape to for a little me time πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Space for my imaginary world!

  1. It’s looking fab! It’s so important to have that little space of your own to keep your things in and to contain that creative essence! Whenever I open the door to my little ‘studio’ Im surrounded by everything I love and it’s all about the creative!

    Hope hubby is doing well too,
    Rhi x

    • Thanks Rhiannon, hubby’s getting along much better, hence having the time to create a space (my shed) I think I’m going to love it, I spent some time in it last night, the laughable thing was hubby came in to tell me it was too quiet and tidy in the front room he was missing the sound of the ‘stabbing’ πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you’ve found a space to work in! Clutter – it’s a never ending fight! So happy to hear your husband is doing better. My husband gets lonely when I’m working on my artwork – and my table is in the corner of the living room. He’s only a few feet away watching television but he misses my attention. Our boys – they do need us don’t they πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean, I’ve been working from my portable bench sitting near to him. Apparently, he is now missing the crunching of the needle in the wool, I can’t win. It’s so much easier working at desk with everything to hand πŸ™‚

  3. What ever you are doing, dear Irene, it is working because your art is divine. I am pleased however that you have your own space and also the option of carrying it around too. I am quite excited because I am doing a little renovation of our cottage soon which will involve making my son’s bedroom into a bedroom/study and me making the old study, mine AND it has a courtyard off it. Isn’t it great what we can make with small spaces? I love your worlds name “Tangletopia” I am going to call my room/world something too. i am not sure what yet. πŸ˜€
    When my son and his friends were young, they hung a brightly colored sign on the door “games room”
    I hope you and your husband feel better and better. πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment (said blushing) a workroom with a courtyard you say (I’m now jealous as well as been excited for you) I look forward to reading about it πŸ™‚

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