Searching for Tangletopians -Motivation or inspiration what do I need?

Ok so I probably need to have this a random conversation with myself rather than putting it online but here goes.

Sometimes, it's hard to get motivated, and other times it's just hard to create what you imagine. You know the one you start to make something and it just looks wrong somehow, you persist but slowly the reject bin just starts to fill, nothing really seems to spark. I do know that sometimes I have so many ideas in my minds eye it's difficult to pin down the look, the character I am after.

Well it's been like this for over a week now, I sit and 'create' but the idea just doesn't seem materialise completely.

For some reason I am stuck in the imagineering phase, it's since I first thought of the name Tangletopia, I have been diverted to imagining the place rather than the “inhabitants” so to speak! (Yep I've probably gone off my trolley! Cuckoo land! La la land! whatever) I sit here with fuzzy ideas, (ha ha “fuzzy”, my daughter is highly amused by the random bits of 'fuzzy' {little bits of wool} that seem to stick to my sleeves, shoulders etc. when I'm in felting mode) As I was saying 'fuzzy ideas' nothing really that is coming together. Ah well, perhaps I should go back to what I can see. My prototype characters are sitting here waiting to be worked on… But no as I try they just seem to be missing something, what is it? I've tried the usual,… the clean a room,… the go for a walk,… the head to the kitchen to cook… So then I tried Google, Pinterest, books… Nope nothing…

For some reason it just feels like I've forgotten where I have put that thing, that idea. Perhaps it's in my safe place. You know that 'safe place' where you put things to keep them safe then forget where it is? How many times I have put items, like car keys oh and the cable to charge the phone in a safe place! then when you need those items for the life of you, you can't remember where that safe place is. The cure for that normally is to stop thinking about it, do something else then you somehow you just suddenly remember!

So I wait….. trying to block out all thoughts until it pops into my head and I can find it. Nope that doesn't work, yes it works for physical things, but doesn't seem to work for imaginings and ideas.

This illusive idea seems to be just out of reach, perhaps a couple of days with my granddaughter will help… Now that seems like a plan. I'll get back to you 🙂



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