Finding my mojo, keeping the creative going.

As I am in the house for the majority of the time these days, it's sometimes hard to keep up that illusive creative flow, for me I need several factors, the main one is to be able to make someone smile, there is so much inspiration when you see that precious smile, sometimes it's all you need but there are times when laughter is even better. My granddaughter was staying with us at the weekend and was allowed to watch a DVD before going to sleep (well she didn't need to get up early 😉 ) I was in the kitchen hubby was watching TV in the front room and then it started, he was giggling at something on the TV the granddaughter was laughing at her film, what a lovely sound the house filled with laughter it's amazing how that makes you feel even though at that moment we were all in different rooms that sound linked us all together.

Anyway as usual I digress…creative flow right, the other element is to explore different materials not that I often buy but I love to explore. I found an opportunity to go to a textile show at an exhibition centre near to me in Birmingham (UK), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself so much to see and explore it was worth every minute.

There be dragons

I must have walked miles up and down the stands, through 2 huge halls seeing everything from textile artists working, to craft supplies in every medium. I didn't take many pictures as some stands didn't allow photography (they needed you to buy the books etc instead 😉 )

There was some amazing textile artist demonstrating on their stands too many to remember to mention all of them but one has stuck in my mind, probably because she was so entertaining to listen too, such a happy person. Margaret Beal, who fuses together fabrics machine embroidery and plastics with a soldering iron, or perhaps it was because that was the way I used to work on my 2D textile work back in the 90's

I was lost in a sea of colour, textures and ideas amazing, so armed with a little notebook and pencil I started to note down as much as a could (making a mental note that I had banned myself from buying anything unless I had considered it over a coffee) that's a laugh, yes I had a coffee I considered then bought pieces to inspire me, then proceeded to spend the rest of my budget on just bits I just needed, well a loosely linked term “needed” I couldn't resist well these craft people won't be back for a year so I had to make the most of the situation didn't I.

The picture here is from Oliver Twists stand, beautiful range.


As I was just about ready to leave, my feet overheating and my little legs begging me to sit down I found a small section of a stand with bins of the most delightful small pieces of faux fur, as I rummaged through and idea for a fluffy bear to make my granddaughter smile came to me, well I had to give it a go!

In I dived in up to my armpits in deliciously soft fluffy fabric and eventually managed to find some pieces that I thought I could work with. I was of course covered with all of the stray fibres which managed to attach themselves all over my jacket front, up the sleeves what a mess I must have looked, but I didn't actually care I had a huge smile on my face I think I found some of my mojo in that bin!


Furry bear

So here he is, he has already put a huge smile on my granddaughters face, even before he was completely finished.

Sometimes you just have to work in a different way for a while to get the creative flow working again 😀




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