Strange bear, reject or not?

After making Furry Bear, I was requested to make a mini version (thanks to my sons girlfriend) so with the leftover fur scraps I had a go. Planning cutting out and stitching, no problem but turning the little pieces nightmare, so this will probably be the first and last of its kind., I get too angry at the tiny pieces, the idea of making these critters is to relieve stress not cause it.


He's cute though….even if I do say it myself … However I could be wrong I was definitely wrong about a creature I started to make somehow it just took on a life of its own. It wasn't going quite as planned so as you do you start experimenting and mixing techniques then put it in the rejects bin?


My daughter squealed with delight and fished him out of the rejects bin, “it's a gremlin, sand fairy… Reject no….I'm having it if your going to reject him” she said with a huge smile on her face. As it turns out it was not only her who liked him, she posted him up online and he was greeted with lots of lovely comments. So I might have to be careful when I decide to reject or like in future 😉



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