Looking back, looking forward…?

Since I started this blog I couldn't have imagined the path my interests would take me along. There has been lots happening (ok not all good, but that's life isn't it)

Sorry I'm not posting as much as I did, I don't seem to have as much time for digital communication these days, I must get organised, well that's a laugh… me organised… these days I suppose that was one if the things I looked forward to when I retired, not being organised and scheduled just floating from day to day enjoying as much of it as I could.

So when I started to go back to revisiting my creative crafts… making the ornamental items I enjoyed making, helping me to cope…but I didn't think people would want to buy them…Mmm well I was a little mistaken about that… So I opened a little online shop, the problem with that, I can't produce enough characters to put in stock, they just get snapped up via facebook or by word of mouth and so now I have a waiting list… So what happened to not scheduling… there's something a bit askew about this…I'm putting myself under pressure to complete to deadlines!

Well I will just have to give myself a talking to and get my balance back, keep looking forward, enjoy what I'm doing and stop worrying about it well one can just live in hope, yes?

Anyway here's one of recent 'special requests', and one of my popular characters, but as always they all have something that makes each one different, he has new style eyes, and a matted silk beak, of course he's also posable.

I do keep looking for different ways of doing things. It is most important to me that I enjoy the creative process, it's the one thing that keeps me going, (another watching the smiles on others faces) 🙂




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