Embellishing my needlefelting

Being a creative I always have to try something a little different, and just sometimes my characters need a little something else, yep I’ve made little glasses, top hats well I just needed something else.

Just like an absent minded professor, I’ve been wandering around thinking for days, occasionally diving into my stash looking for inspiration (it doesn’t always come easily) but eventually I rediscovered some scraps I had left from previous embriodery projects, this is why I’m always reluctant to throw any textiles away even the little pieces. Feathers and silk… Minty greens

Shoes tiny shoes that’s what I need, so days of trying out paper patterns ensued. After a bin full of crumpled up designs eureka eventually I managed.

Shoes, wings wig

Girly shoes

So then it was on to feather wigs, and painted silk wings, it’s lovely when things come together, it gives you that energy to move forward with projects.

Here she is enjoying an ice cream sitting on her travelling box 🙂

Needlefelted fairy

Mm ice cream


Feel free to comment :)

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